Tuesday, December 23, 2008

What happened to the Anti Apartheid Movement?

Paul Trewhela, former member of the South African Communist Party, once gaoled by the South African Government for his involvement with it, co-author of the Marxist journal Searchlight South Africa, writes:-

'This regime of terror,.... was a necessary element in the total practice of repression and deception which made the Anti-Apartheid Movement the most successful Popular Front lobby for Stalinism anywhere in the world. No international Stalinist-run public organization has ever had such an influence and shown such stability, reaching into so many major countries, for so long,

In its thirty years’ existence, the AAM put international collaborative organisations of the period of the Spanish Civil War and of the Stalin-Roosevelt-Churchill alliance to shame. Extending to the press, the churches, the bourgeois political parties, the trade unions and the radical, even the ‘trotskyist’ left, the AAM has been an outstanding success for Stalinism....'

Now another cockroach has come crawling out from under his filth covered rock.

Breyten Breytenbach, Afrikaner, poet, writer, painter and activist in the Anti-Apartheid Movement (AAM), founder member of Okhela (zulu - spark) an anti-apartheid group aligned with the ANC, arrested and imprisoned for 'high treason' during an illegal visit whilst travelling on a false passport in South Africa in 1975; has written a letter to Nelson Mandela which has been published by Harper Magazine.

In this long diatribe of fawning, incoherent, self-indulgent crap, Breytenbach has laid into other Mandela-worshipers:-

..because I find it obscene the way everybody and his or her partner the ex-presidents and other vacuous and egomaniacal politicians, the starlets and coke-addled fashion models, the intellectually challenged and morally strained musicians, the hollow international jet set treat you like some exotic teddy bear to slobber over.

..and the present government:-

The seemingly never-ending parade of corrupt clowns in power at all levels, their incompetence and indifference, indeed their arrogance as historic victors drunkenly driven by a culture of entitlement...

..the crime:-

..the sense of impending horror in the air because of the violence and the cruelty with which crimes are committed, to be tortured and killed for a cell phone or a few coins ...

..the attitude of the police, especially towards whites:-

Do you know what constitutes the nightmare fear of young, middle-class men in South Africa these days? ....(being) thrown into a cell with hardened criminals as often as not now infected with HIV before being released a few days later......The police cells are dark. All night long he will be sodomized repeatedly. His screams of anguish and pain elicit no reaction from the police.

..and the failure of the ANC:-

We, my wife and I, had been in the country for little over a month then, and it was an unsettling experience. ...It was heartbreaking, in that leaving is the confirmation of a failed experience and a broken dream 'the dream' was probably my own naive expectation that a new dispensation ushered in by a liberation movement would realize at least some of the objectives we fought for: economic justice, an ethical public life . .

..and I came across, in notes and letters and snippets of essays, the recurring references to barbaric criminality, the plague of raping, theft, and fraud, the indecent enrichment of the few, manipulation, redeployment as a form of impunity, public office as an exercise in scavenging, the breakdown of essential services, entrenched and continuing racism, the lack of public morals or even common sense.

..and finally his advice to the future leaders of the country:-

I must tell you this terrible thing, my old and revered leader: if a young South African were to ask me whether he or she should stay or leave, my bitter advice would be to go. For the foreseeable future now, if you want to live your life to the full and with some satisfaction and usefulness....

..and a very telling comment from someone who sought the treasonous downfall of 'Apartheid' South Africa:-

More important now for us, old master: Did you, did we, ever seriously intend to bring about a democratic dispensation in South Africa, with its checks and balances and accountability? Or was it about settling old colonial scores?.....Why do we call 'national democratic revolution' the process by which the state and all its institutions and, by extension, its culture and economy become the feeding trough for the party and its cadres? Was it ever conceivable that a national liberation government could cede power if outvoted? For how much longer are we going to play the role of 'victims of history'?

Well, Breyten, what did you think you would get by supporting a Marxist organisation and helping them getting into government in South Africa. I hope the mantle of failure rests heavily on your shoulders!

For those who don't want to pay the subscription to Harpers, follow this link.


KG said...

A wonderful, powerful post Mawm.
And so bloody sad, man. I'll put up that pic and a link over at Crusader Rabbit--the leftist swine who made this possible must never, never be allowed to forget or cover up their part in this.

Ayrdale said...

The left and their apologists are comfortable with the fact that their hypocrisy will never ever see the light of public exposure via the main stream media.
I can only begin to imagine your rage and frustration when confronted by the pious, mealy mouth hypocrites mouthing their sanctimonious slogans of "social justice"...F*** the bastards !

mawm said...

Ayrdale - I was also against the injustice of racial discrimination (after all we should all be given an equal chance), it is the hypocracy of the Marxist left that gets up my nose.