Saturday, December 06, 2008

That Arm's Deal Again!

£115 MILLION !

That is what BAE paid in bribes to the nascent ANC government, under the leadership of St Nelson, and their contacts. This does not include what Thint/Thyssen/Krupp (the French/German Co's kicked in with).

I wonder what Mandela's and Mbeki's personal take was?


Ayrdale said...

MAWM, off topic I know, but are you aware of this ?
Namibia is essentially a desert country and it relies on South Africa for almost half its electricity.

However, it does have plenty of uranium and the government is already quietly getting on with a nuclear programme.
"We are going for nuclear power, there is no question about it, but what we are going to do - I am not prepared to talk about it because we haven't even got legislation in place yet," said Joseph Iiata..."
More at

mawm said...

But can they enrich it?

I doubt that Namibia has the financial resources to build a nuclear power station, and that they have a big enough population for such a program. They would be better off using solar panels in the namib!