Wednesday, October 08, 2008

History will record the 9 years of this labour government as the worst period in NZ’s progress towards a country with high living standards, low crime, low poverty, high growth, high aspirations and developed ability to deliver on it’s aspirations. Despite record economic benefits no progress has been made on growing the cake only fatuously increasing ways to distribute it. H has cheated and connived to push some sort of social agenda which she ‘knows’ this country needs but the rest of us don’t recognize. She is quite the worst PM we have ever had (including Muldoon whose damage was much less) and it appalls me to see people who praise her ability. She has been an utter disaster.

Jeremy from Marlborough - writing on the NZ Herald website
Unashamedly copied from The Inquiring Mind


MK said...

I sure hope there are many, many more Jeremy from Marlborough's come election time mawm.

KG said...

There are lots, but they have to overcome Labour's inbuilt advantage of a bloated public service, beneficiaries and the media.
It's a bloody high hurdle.