Sunday, October 12, 2008

Economic Woes

Mr Key told supporters National was the party to lead New Zealand out of the gloom. "I'm campaigning on strengthening our economy, on rising to the challenge presented by tough global conditions, and on delivering greater prosperity to New Zealanders and their families -- because Kiwis are sick of struggling to keep up with the cost of living, they're sick of worrying about soaring interest rates and they're sick of higher taxes."

Mr Key said that aside from last week's tax cuts package, the economy needed additional stimulus in the downturn and several other National policies would help boost growth. They included reforming the Resource Management Act, cutting other red tape, boosting infrastructure investment, restraining government spending and raising education standards.

Helen Clark on the other hand offered a savings insurance scheme (for which you will pay of course and if you are lucky enough to have any savings left) - long after the rest of the world has instituted one AND after millions of New Zealanders have lost their savings with the Finance Companies all going belly up.

Labour once again showing us that they are up to it by shutting the door after the horse has bolted.


MK said...

How about all the bureaucratic parasites Labour has hired in the last 9 years to make themselves look busy? Are they getting the boot as well, hundreds of thousands to be saved there.

KG said...

National hasn't promised to slash and burn the public sector, MK, merely to cap the numbers and rely on natural attrition.
Not enough.

MK said...

Perhaps they're saying that in public but once in power will change their tune and shuffle extra backsides out the door.

I remember in the last NSW election the opposition promised to kick out the useless bureaucrats and not just rely on attrition, they lost. It's almost as if the taxpayers want their money wasted or something.