Sunday, February 10, 2008


View from Deck

View from Bedroom

Blogging has been a bit light - and for a very good reason. mawm and SWMBO have purchased a 'bach' (NZ colloquism for a seaside shack) on the Coromandel Penninsula. The summer has been spent at it bathing in the abundant sunshine that we have experienced, and assaulting our livers with lots of cold toxins stored in little brown/green bottles whilst watching the ever-changing play of light over the Pacific Ocean and the distant Mercury Islands.

Nightly rituals were held where pieces of animal were sacrificed over hot embers to ensure that the Gods of the sea and weather were placated (and with a high degree of success).

Preparation for Evening Ceremony (animal pictured is not the 'sacrificial lamb' and has a very important role in the ceremony in ensuring no evidence remains after completion)


KG said...

That's lovely! I've fished that area a lot in the past and caught a more than a few good fish there.

MK said...

Damn, now thats what you call a sea change.