Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Some interesting comments on the above site. I could add mine there but feel that they will just be swamped by the numbers.

I agree wholeheartedly with the website's intent and with the majority of comments that have been made. I fact I encourage all to wake up as to what Labour has done to this country and help ensure that they have no hand in running a government here again.

At present National is the only party that has any hope of providing the next Prime Minister. I do not agree with a lot of their policies or their politiking, but I will support them to ensure that we do have a change in government.

As a 'rich prick' (ie I work, pay my bills, other families' bills, Cullen and Clark's salaries, fund my own healthcare, pay for my daughter's education in a private school and will pay for my own retirement) I'm tired of the excessive taxation and the wastage of taxpayers money, the arrogant misuse of our money by these greedy, gloating Marxists, and their shameless buying of votes with my money.

DONTVOTELABOUR.ORG.NZ has the courage to stand up to these meddling, incompetent, fascist fools who call themselves our government.


Barnsley Bill said...

great pic, marianne street in a more relaxed pose than we normally see her.

KG said...

Great to see another voice added to the groundswell of opinion against the totalitarians!

shell said...


MK said...

Good Lord! What is that thing, Klark when she wakes up?