Sunday, May 13, 2007

Bye-bye Helen

T3 poll reveals that John Keys is now the preferred Prime Minister, and that National are streaks ahead and could almost govern on their own (still need ACT and Dunne who are well down in the polls).
On top of this are all the 'revelations' from Ian Wishart in Investigate Magazine. If any of these are correct they will shake the very foundations of the police force and reveal the complicity of a corrupt Labour party and their dishonest politicians in hiding their foul behaviour.


MK said...

So when's the next election?

KG said...

But not a peep, not a murmur from the MSM about this.
The simple fact that a magazine claims to have the evidence should be headline news in iteself, yet...nothing.
You have to wonder at NZ journo's complicity in the deafening silence, eh?

mawm said...

Wishart cocked it up, in my opinion. The Labour party are going to make a meal of the sensationalism of beastiality - denials, blames, Broad to fall on his sword, etc, while the real issue of labour complicity is ignored.