Monday, May 14, 2007

The bloggers at kiwiblog have gone rabid. Since DPF published his comment on the latest Investigate Magazine article all the rantings from left and right have poured in.

Quite honestly I couldn't be bothered to read past the first few predictable responses.

If Wishart has written anything libellous about anybody, then let them take him to court. If not, the Government has a lot to answer for and should not be allowed to fob off any questions about their knowledge of these crimes.

What goes on in a private house, at a private party, as long as it is consensual, is none of our business. However when our law makers and law enforcers either break the law or are complicit in hiding or defending criminals, they themselves should face the full force of the law.


KG said...

I've given up even visiting Kiwiblog, mawm.
It's a bloody cesspit and I can't figure out why the host puts up with it.

mawm said...

Much prefer Crusader Rabbit and AWH. However Farrar does have some news and occasionally he makes good commentary - his fans and enemies don't.