Sunday, March 04, 2007

Time for Hodgson to Act

Midwife suspended after two die

The midwife was suspended in December after a competency review because she was "a serious risk to the public", but could return to midwifery if she did competency training,...

In late 2005, Wellington coroner Garry Evans called for an independent maternity review and changes to midwifery training after the deaths of two breech babies delivered at home by midwives - a call Health Minister Pete Hodgson rejected.

There are serious issues around midwife competency, the standard of training by the College of Midwifery and the scope of practice allowed to midwives. Further the payment structure for midwives is hard to believe as is their mantra against medicalisation of childbirth. These need to be addressed urgently.

However there is a lot of political suport for midwives - eg 1) the National Women's investigation (which used erroneous statistical methods to destroy the incumbant male doctors) occured under Helens Clark's Ministery of Health, 2) Hodgson's wife is apparently a midwife, and 3) there are numerous members of the dykeocracy who are in top positions in the midwifery covern.

The babies' deaths are just the tip of the iceberg as there is no audit required of bad outcomes for both mothers and babies. The number of badly damaged babies from prolonged labours where medical help is not sought and the number of mothers who are severly torn and may not have comfortable sex again or who are feacally incontenant as a result, is not known. This is where the scandal lies and this is why there is an urgent need for a full and proper review of maternity services in New Zealand.

The women of New Zealand are being done a great disservice.


Bernie said...

The women of New Zealand are being done a great disservice.

My heart bleeds...

Just look at some of the extreme positive discrimination they receive, and the negative discrimination towards men that now exists in this cuntry...

Look at the truckloads of money poured into Breast and Cervical Cancer screening and treatment, and the complementary lack of money being spent on prostate cancer screening etc (which is almost as prevalent, but hey - that's a male disease so who cares?)

Look at the grotesque waste of money and source of anti-male bias represented by the Ministry of Women's Affairs...

Look at the money being squandered providing dumbed-down and declining, female-oriented Education, (so as to provide lots of jobs and opportunities for the girls and disadvantage boys) and so as to bring our children up in the Femi-Nazi way of thinking...

Look at the money poured into the Domestic Purposes Benefit for women (and how few fathers are able to obtain it) - again so as to raise the next generation Helen's Way.

Just look at the money squandered in the Family Court system, designed and functioning to destroy two-parent familes so as to raise a whole generation Helen's Way...

Look at the money rorted from so many fathers - who often don't even get to spend a decent amount of time with their own children - so as to fund (or at least top up) the DPB Hole in the Ground. Child Support it is not. Separated Father Tax is what it really is. Government-enforced "Alimony" under a dishonest name.

Do I care if a few of them are victims of their own arrogance and incompetence? Why should more of my taxes go to benefit them to my own disadvatage?

So what if a few of them get ripped, torn, scarred and rendered sexually or anally incompetent as a result of their own arbitrary, illogical, unprofessional, unscientific, nepotistic (and male-destroying) policies?

As for the damaged children - Yes, that is sad, but it's probably nothing compared with the 100's of 1,000's who are damaged as a result of being the subject of "Family" Court proceedings. Another Femi-Nazi construction.

One day, eventually, some very important lessons will be re-learned. But it will be men who have to implement them.

Eventually, one hopes, they will grow angry enough to take back their power.

mawm said...

Bernie -Phew! I agree that this feminism/women are disadvantaged nonsense has gone waaay tooo far.
This post was specifically aimed at the destruction that has occurred to maternity services by this anti-male crowd. Unfortunately there are many woman (and their husbands) who are unwittingly caught up in this, despite not being one of the Fem-nazi's and the byproduct is damaged children and women. What we don't know is how many - and I can assure you that it is not 'a few'. These women are being misled into believing that midwife delivery is as safe as medical and is better for their children.

kg said...

Great rant, Bernie! I agree 100%, for what it's worth.

But, as mawm says, there are plenty of people who don't deserve it being damaged by the feminazi grip on maternity services.
My partner works as an R.N. and she has some real horror stories to tell about the role of women in the health bureaucracy.