Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Don Brash

What a load of crap. An author with a bad track record, some stolen emails, a gloating wanker of a finance minister and a reportedly lesbian Prime Minister who's reportedly homosexual husband ( who has recently been very indiscreet and has had OUR MOF bail him out), a bauble collecting minister of Foreign Affairs, a labour party that has recently rorted the public of $800000 which it has NOT PAID BACK, an irrational choice of RWC stadium being promoted by a desperate labour, and a gloating, fawning MSM.

So what if the Don spoke to the exclusive brethren? We are allowed freedom of association here. So what if the Exclsv Brthrn dislike the Greens? - it's a DEMOCRACY stupid, one is allowed freedom of thought and allowed to express it. So what if Business support National over labour? - labour has never been friendly toward them. So what if American Conservatives offer National advice? - they are like thinking people. Helen gets hers from Sweden and the British Labour Party. Why are the Unions beyond reproach in their giving financial support to labour? Most of their members are forced to be union members and NO DEMOCRATIC decision is made as to whether their financial contributions are handed to labour or not.

He(she) who is without sin ... cast the first stone!


Anonymous said...

Tried to comment but the word verification thing is playing up.


mawm said...

kg I checked the settings and they seem to be OK