Thursday, November 23, 2006


Don Brash has announced his resignation as the leader of the National Party.

The country has lost the opportunity of having a really decent, caring Prime Minister; a man with the necessary talents and skills to advance this country into the 21st century. In the end he was not savvy enough to fight off the gutter attacks that this devious and scheming clarke government mounted against him. Once again evil has won the day.

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kg said...

"once again evil has won the day"

That's certainly true but I also think that once again a lazy, selfish and unprincipled electorate has got what it deserves.Until Kiwis are prepared to vote on more than appearance over substance, for real policies over feelgood recycled platitudes, for a decent direction for New Zealand society over the PC 30-second soundbite of media hype---until then, we'll have to endure Labour Lite.
The National party moving towards the "centre" which is in fact towards the left in a cynical attempt to be all things to all men.

Principles, integrity and long-term planning? Forget it--The electorate is too stupid, too corrupt and too selfish to care.