Saturday, April 25, 2009

South Africa's President-in-waiting

"Those that stand in opposition to me or my party are evil and must be opposed; for they stand not only in opposition to us but in opposition to God, who has appointed and blessed us as his representatives here on earth.

Thus, my party will remain in power forever and it will not subscribe to the will of mortal men, because it rules by divine right and, therefore, until the end of time and at God's grace.

Nevertheless, those who would oppose me or my party cannot be allowed to govern, irrespective of the broader democratic will, and we must stand together to prevent this from happening".

- Jacob Zuma

"For when it has once come to that point that the citizens and the magistrates are afraid to offend him and his adherents, it will afterwards not require much effort on his part to make them render judgments and attack persons according to his will."

- Niccolo Machiavelli, commentator, on Jacob Zuma after escaping charges of fraud.

"I will kill for him".

- Julius Malema, President of the ANCYL, threatening those who do not support Zuma.

Farewell to Democracy in Africa. This man, this thug, will be anointed with the Presidency of South Africa by Parliament.

At this stage of the counting of the vote, the ANC looks as though it has failed to reach the 2/3rds majority needed to be able to change the Constitution so acrimoniously negotiated before the handover of power by white South Africans. But this will not make one jot of difference to this man, or the Party, who does not believe the law applies to him and who swats it aside without the least bit of concern.

This is a man who stands accused of 750 accounts of fraud, a man who has fought tooth and nail - and used his excessive political power as the President of the ANC - to ensure that he does not have to stand up and defend himself in court.

This is a man who was accused of rape, and found not guilty, who many commentators think was extremely lucky to escape the charges.

This is a man who turned his back on the parents of Thami Zulu, a senior commander of Umkhonto weSizwe, who died of poisoning soon after being released after being imprisoned in Zambia for suspicion of being a Apartheid spy by the Zuma lead ANC Counter Intelligence Unit. This death was never investigated by the controversial Sachs (a long-standing ANC member and supporter) Commission.

This is the man as a leader of the ANC's Mbokodo was responsible for the suppression by torture, imprisonment and public executions of the mutiny by over 90 percent of its Umkhonto weSizwe cadres in Angola.

This is the man who was a member of Central Committee of the South African Communist Party.

This is the man who received his political education in Moscow, and from Govan Mbeki, an avowed Stalinist, and Harry Gwala, a Marxist-Leninist who is thought to be the person behind the massacres of the opposition Inkatha party supporters in kwa-Zulu in the lead up to the 'First Democratic Elections' in South Africa.

This is the man who received his 'military' training at the hands of the Stasi in East Germany.

And this is the man that, backed by the SACP and the Congress of South African Trade Unions, is the populist choice, a man promising a redistribution of wealth.

In the immortal words of Alan Paton "Cry The Beloved Country".


KG said...

God help our South African friends. What a monumental disaster--and the media coverage has been almost nonexistent. I listened to a BBC 'reporter' being interviewed by another leftist drone on the radio this morning and they were full of praise and congratulations for the "democratic elections"
Sickening stuff.

mawm said...

This makes one realise that Democratic elections are NOT in the best interest of all the citizens - or maybe the people get what they deserve in voting for such a despot.

WAKE UP said...

Cometh the hour, cometh the man - the wrong one. There's a certain evil inevitability about this, from the day that Africa became "post-colonial"'.