Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"Just another twelve zeros tossed on the Obama bonfire of American wealth." -- Mark Steyn


Ayrdale said...

He worries me too MAWM, but what worries me more is violence against him.
The left may even engineer it to justify huge repression...

mawm said...

....and stop huge embarassment.

The GOP will have to find a way to impeach him before
1) he really screws up the world economy and
2) before he gets 'slotted' and becomes a martyr and a rallying call for internecine violence against whites and of course against the West by all the slime out there.

KG said...

Well, my feeling is that the left may use it to justify huge repression--but then, if unchecked the left is going to do that by degrees anyway.
Killing Obama would at least send a message to the other statists out there.
Would it precipitate full-blown civil war in the U.S.? I doubt it.Too many people with too much to lose. But there would certainly be massive riots and damage to the body politic.
The left has its tentacles so deeply entwined in our institutions in the West that it's going to take something very drastic indeed to chop them off--and for my money that's preferable to a slow descent into socialist tyranny.

MK said...

Apparently he's looking to cut $150 million from his 6 trillion dollar budget. It'd be laughable if he weren't to crazy.