Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Time of Peace and Goodwill

Figures released by the KwaZulu-Natal Health Department show that during the first 18days of December:-

- 1 722 people were assaulted

- 111 people sustained gunshot wounds

- 493 people were stabbed

- 282 raped. Forty nine of the victims were children.

- 118 suicides

- 1 008 vehicle accidents

- 17 drownings

- 139 burn incidents.

Phew, and not one white-on-black assault or the world media would have been beating up on racist white South Africans again.

These shosking figures were recorded before the tradesmen go on holiday and businesses shut down for Christmas and the lemming-rush to the coastal resorts occurs and before the migrant workers return to their families in the rural areas.

I wonder what numbers the Government Mortury could add to these.

Home Sweet Home


gecko said...

Fabulous painting! Have nicked it to add to my collection, :)

mawm said...

One of my all time favourite artists. I have plenty more. I'll post one now and again.

gecko said...

Yes please!