Saturday, November 01, 2008

For gecko

and all those dedicated women who have had a gentle hand to help those who are suffering, a soft smile for the worried families, a kind word for a stressed colleague; those who have worked long hard, anti-social hours despite being ill or tired or have guided (and even comforted) the young and inexperienced doctor through those early bewildering years. We owe you a debt that we could never begin to repay.


KG said...

There's one very tired (just finished a night shift in E.D.) lady sitting here with a big grin on her face. You just made her day, Mawm.

mawm said...

I have a very soft spot for the nurses that I have worked with. There have just been so many who have shown such dedication and committment (and a few that went beyond the call of duty. Mmmmm....).

gecko said...

Thank you so much--what can I say except that you cheered me up a whole lot. :-)

"beyond the call of duty"....LOL!

MK said...

Throw my thanks in there too folks. When we arrive broken and in pieces they try to put us back together.

Good on ya Gecko.