Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Cartoon of the Day

Zapiro is a cartoonist who is not afraid to take on the politicians in South Africa. This particularly sad cartoon shows Jacob Zuma, the ruling ANC's President (notorious for being accused of rape and also for having taken a shower to protect himself from HIV) , clearly about to rape a woman whilst being held down by the three members of the Tripartite Government - the ANC, the SA Communist Party and the Congress of South African Trade Unions - and being helped by the ANC Youth League.
Zuma, who is in all likelyhood going to be the next President of South Africa, is under investigation for fraud and corruption. His various supporters in the ANCYL, SACP, COSATU and the ANC have made many open threats to the police investigative team, the legal system and the public at large that they will creat havoc and will kill if Zuma is convicted.


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Fired Herald cartoonist presents banned work - video


Newspaper Cartoonist Fired for Political Artwork

Former New Zealand Herald Political cartoonist Malcolm Evans was awarded the Qantas Media Awards 2003 Cartoonist of the Year.  

His work caused controversy and resulted in him leaving the Herald.  

In this short film, Evans presents something of the cartoonists craft - and showcases his art along with many of the cartoons that the New Zealand Herald refused to publish.


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