Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Famine in South Africa

Famine also looms in SA due to new property Expropriation Bill

The draconian Expropriation Bill which has been tabled by the ANC-regime will effectively allow the expropriation of any registered property. This Bill will allow the immediate expropriation, without recourse to the courts, by the government of any kind of privately-owned properties - urban, residential, any kind of private businesses, industrial, church and school-properties.

Also facing the final axe now will be the country's remaining 11,000 commercial farms - which occupy only 0,76% of the entire SA land surface.

South Africa's agriculture is thus also being plunged into total destruction under the Mbeki regime. A major food exporter only a decade ago, SA now needs to import large quantities of food at high prices to keep its 47-million residents, and 5-million refugees from the rest of Africa, fed adequately.

More than 21-million South Africans now are permanently food-insecure and unable to buy even one meal a day and in this increasingly pitched battle for survival, the indigenous black SA population has launched an ethnic-cleansing campaign to chase 'foreign Africans' from their neighbourhoods.

Under this new Bill property owners will also not be allowed to take away or sell any kind of 'movable property' (tractors, cars, sheds, irrigation equipment etc.) on those sites once they have received notification of expropriation.

Thabo is learning his lessons well.

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KG said...

What a surprise! Marxists behaving like..err..Marxists.
And still there are fools who believe that more Western aid is the answer...