Saturday, May 10, 2008

4 Billion Dollars

Just in case you missed it I have linked to Brian Gaynors article in the Herald.

This Labour government has wasted $4 Billion - yes that is FOUR BILLION - of taxpayers money on our railways, and in the process have increased the wealth of Fay, Richwhite and many others offshore.

This is your money - you know the money you need to buy your child that much needed pair of shoes, or some decent food for your family, or to save for your retirement. Money to employ enough nurses and open enough operating rooms so that your relatives can get their heart operations done before it's too late, or your hips replaced so that you can be pain free, or your cataracts removed so that you can see properly. Or they could build classrooms so that your children are not educated in a shipping container.

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KG said...

priorities, Mawm. being a good little socialist thief comes first, after all.