Thursday, May 08, 2008

2008 - Year of the Dead Rat

Labour is having to swallow yet another dead rat as their ETS (emissions trading scheme) is being exposed for what it is - yet another way to extract money from the tax payer.

NZPA reports -
The Government could take up to $80 billion in windfall gains due to the climate change emissions trading scheme (ETS), Solid Energy chief executive Don Elder told MPs today.

Mr Elder said the bill was not only about climate change, but was also the most far-reaching taxation legislation since the 1980s.

He said no one had seemed to consider the possibility that even if pollution targets were met, billions of dollars would end up in the Government’s coffers.

Then the Maori party climbs in on their retreat from their 'flagship' policy -

The Government can’t go round promising or telling people one thing and then backing down because it’s election year. You either genuinely believe this needs to happen and you’ve got a strategy to address the issues around climate change, or you haven’t.

All in all not a good week for Labour as Tim (that idiot Michael) wastes our money on his railway buyout - and makes us the laughing stock of Australian business, employment figures plummet and the average kiwi struggles to make ends meet.

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MK said...

I sure hope Kiwis are waking up to the smell of labour mate, if all these years of thieving don't wake them up, then nothing will.