Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Problem with Africa

ANC funder took millions meant for starving kids

Controversial ANC funder Sandi Majali has been fingered in a forensic audit into the disappearance of more than R100-million intended for starving children in the Eastern Cape.
The audit found that companies under Majali’s control had been involved in the collapse of the R230-million school feeding scheme.
The Scorpions (the high powered invesigative unit) are now investigating irregularities uncovered during the audit.

Majali’s Imvume group was at the centre of the Oilgate scandal, in which R11-million of public money was diverted to ANC coffers ahead of the 2004 elections. He was also implicated in the Iraq oil-for-food scandal.

He is closely associated with top ANC figures, including secretary-general Kgalema Motlanthe, treasurer-general Mendi Msimang and spokesman Smuts Ngonyama.

The schools feeding scheme, which was meant to cater for a million children, collapsed barely six months after it was launched in June last year when it emerged that food was not getting to children at about 5000 schools in the province.

This is yet another in a litany of corruption where 'well connected' members of the ANC have used huge sums of public money to enrich themselves. This is roumored to extend to the highest office - both past and present.

What makes this so apalling is that this money was earmarked to alleviate hunger in black children.

The ANC, champion of the poor, should hide its collective head in shame.


MK said...

Unfortunately they won't, it's the same across much of Africa, each for himself and his cronies. They'll keep at it until the public decide to punish them.

Just on the Scorpions, you know i'm surprised that they've been going this long, they seem quite effective, one would have thought given the nature of the government, they would have shut them down or 'reassigned' them elsewhere by now.

mawm said...

MK - In todays Sowetan.

Warrant for police chief

The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) has obtained a warrant for the arrest of Police Commissioner Jackie Selebi.

Vusi Pikoli was suspended as head of the NPA after President Thabo Mbeki heard that the Scorpions had obtained the warrant last week, sources told Sowetan yesterday.

The sources, who have asked remain anonymous for fear of retribution, say the NPA kept Mbeki and Justice Minister Brigitte Mabandla in the dark about the Scorpions probe of Selebi’s alleged links to organised crime bosses.

Our sources said that Pikoli had informed Selebi last Friday that the Scorpions would be coming to arrest him.

The news apparently came as a bombshell to Mbeki and his cabinet. The president then hastily set in motion the suspension of the NPA chief before Selebi was nabbed.

“Sources say the warrant was secured on Thursday last week by Pikoli before his suspension,” the SABC reported yesterday.

“Sources close to SABC news have also revealed that the warrant is accompanied by a search-and-seizure document obtained from the Pretoria high court,” Sapa reported late yesterday.

Mbeki suspended Pikoli on Monday, citing “an irretrievable breakdown” in the relationship between the country’s head of the Scorpions and one of the two cabinet ministers he reports to, Justice Minister Mabandla.

Out of Africa , always something new.

clint123 said...

Guys and Girls

Sorry. Your lack of understanding is the kind of thing I have come to expect from the ex-pat brigade. Your new country is counting on you to put your energies into them, so please, I beg you, go and be what you can be where you have chosen to live. It's as bad as the Indians in Durban waving Indian flags at the cricket. You have made your choice so please, let us with the positive attitude be the change South Africa needs. Can a small group of people change the world - indeed it's the only thing that ever has... Margaret Mead said that. I believe in my country, I believe there are challenges... but to face the challenge you need to be here. Bleeting about things means nothing, standing in the country you claim to care about is something else... so... come back or back off... your kind of attitude won't do a thing except fuel the hatred that makes people like you 'right'.

KG said...

clint123, you're a pollyana-ish idiot.

KG said...

" come back or back off..."
yeah, I'll come back--armed with an FN to clean up the mess, in the company of like-minded people when the blacks finally give up on the shit-hole they're busy creating.

MK said...

Thanks for that Mawm, i had a feeling the topcats wouldn't let them run free for too long.

mawm said...

Clint 123, welcome to my blog. If you want to comment then feel free to do so, however I do think that it would be polite to at least read some of my posts in the past and aquaint yourself with the nature of my blog and the others that read it and comment on it regularly. You might just not make such a cnut of yourself.

You might notice that the article posted was from the South African Sunday Times. ANC corruption exists and if you do not know that you are deluding yourself.

I'm the only expat Sourh African on this blog and keep myself upto date on SA and its politics. You might notice that I strenuously suppost South Africa and where possible correct misconceptions about it. However, highlighting corruption in Africa might help spread the word and eventually pressure might be applied against those who partake in it.