Thursday, July 19, 2007

Atrocities of War

When the ANC took over from the National Party as the government of South Africa they decided to have a 'cleansing of the soul' by forming the euphemistically named Truth and Reconciliation Committee (TRC). Through out this emotional time, when former security forces confessed their 'sins', there was the underlying threat of formal prosecution if one did not come forward.

The ANC, with Nelson Mandela's blessing, had declared their 'armed struggle' against the Apartheid Government. Literally South Africa were at war with the ANC. The ANC were targeting civilian targets by bombing supermarkets, etc. One infamous attack was the bombing of Magoo's bar in Durban by Robert McBride.

Many of the security forces were caught up in the defence of their country against this enemy.

Although the TRC, under the guidance of the gentle hand of Desmond Tutu, did some wonderful work and many black people were able to have closure about the loss of their loved ones, there was the unfortunate taste of revenge evident amongst some of the ANC.

Now thirteen years later the ANC government is setting out to prosecute former Justice Minister Adriaan Vlok for crimes that he did not confess.

I have attached a link to a Blog site of a former South African Paratrooper who was one of the thousands of white conscripts who fought this war against the ANC, fought the insurgency by SWAPO (South West African Peoples Organisation) in northern Namibia which was heavily supported by the ANC by supplying them with a large number of soldiers.

There have been many stories of the atrocities perpetrated by these ANC cadres against their own kind in these camps in Angola. This blog chronicles this young paratroopers observations following the abduction of young black convent girls in Namibia, after the nuns had been raped and had had their breasts cut off, these young girls were taken across the border to an ANC camp.

He was sent on reconnaissance into Angola where he laid up for 14 days observing the ANC cadres raping these young girls, some 6 years old, incessantly night and day. Later on he was with the South African Defence Force that went into Angola to rescue these children.

It is a heart rending story, written in a mixture of English and Afrikaans and questions when is there going to be justice and these ANC cadres going to be taken to task for perpetrating such atrocities; and when is the old government going to be left alone.

The war between the SA government and the ANC was an extremely dirty war, but to date only the old government's atrocities have been explored whilst the perpetrators of innumerable and unspeakable atrocities and attacks on civilians, those who now now govern the country, continue to hide behind the 'struggle' as an excuse.

One of these is the odious Robert McBride, the Magoo's bomber, who is a big shot in the local government in Gauteng and more lately responsible for a shocking drunken driving episode where he used his power to stop being investigated and charged.

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MK said...

Dunno what to say MAWM, i feel for those soldiers who had to listen to that for 14 days and not be able to stop them. I hope they can one day get past such horrors.

Thanks for posting this, i am a little better informed today.