Wednesday, June 06, 2007

New Rules for Wealthy Immigrants

New rules allowing wealthy investors into the country will be announced today in an attempt to reverse a collapse in numbers applying to enter.
Immigration Minister David Cunliffe will outline changes to the investor migrants category after the numbers of migrants applying to enter New Zealand in this category fell from more than 1000 a year to fewer than 20 after tighter rules were introduced. - The Herald

What do you expect if you are scalping the rich to support the fat and lazy.

A country is like a hotel - if you are paying too much and not getting the service you expect, then you change hotels. This is particularly relevant to the rich!


MK said...

I remember reading somewhere that more folks are leaving NZ for Australia now. Perhaps ordinary folks are also not too happy about working real hard for someone else who won't.

mawm said...

I suppose it is what price one is prepared to pay to live in a very benign environment. At my age it is not easy to keep on moving, so it is the price I have accepted I must pay for the safety of my family. If I was younger I would be looking for more vibrant, wealthier life-style where I was getting much more for my tax dollar.