Thursday, May 17, 2007

OH Dear

The greatest period of world-wide growth, in my life, wasted by 7 years of an unimaginative labour goverment who will bite off their collective nose to spite their face because it is against their principles to give the people of New Zealand a tax cut. In the last 7 yaers the productive people of our society have had to fork out increasinly more, in direct or indirect taxes, to support more and more people who are being tied into a beneficiary mindset just so that the vile ideology of these socialists can prevail.

The extent to which they will go to control people, their lives, their ability to raise children; and to control the minds of the children of New Zealand, is nauseating. And yet it is done with one sleight of hand after another under the guise of 'we are doing it for your good'.

Wake up New Zealand, this government is your enemy. Without them we would all have been better off both socially and financially. Without them you would still get the financial assistance you need in dire circumstances, but your need for it would be decreased. Without them you would be free, free of restrictive PC legislation, free to raise your children as you wish, free to save your money as you would like and we would all be richer and happier.


MK said...

People think that socialism is good because they'll be there to catch you when you fall, unfortunately for the people, the socialists won't let go of you once they've caught you.

KG said...

Says it perfectly, MK.
Kiwis won't see the light any time soon because they're like battery hens, scared and unsure of their ability to survive out there in the real world, free of Nanny's apron strings.
They equate security with a kind of low-level slavery, unable or unwilling to take responsibility for themselves.
It was expressed perfecty by something I saw yesterday on the way home from a hunting weekend--a guy mowing his lawn at a house waaay out in the country--he was wearing hard-hat, face shield and protective leggings and gloves.
to mow the goddamed lawn!
A well-conditioned lemming. And there are thousands and thousands just like him.
They enjoy their subservient status.