Thursday, May 10, 2007

Hamas grooms next generation of killers

The Palestinian version of Mickey Mouse preaches death to Jews and Americans.

There can be no peace with a culture like that.

Farfur, the clone of Walt Disney's gentle Mickey, sings and dances on Hamas' children's TV show "Tomorrow's Pioneers" about the need to eat right, pray - and kill.

Farfur is no rogue character - it is sponsored by the very people Palestinians elected to represent them, the Palestinian government, mostly members of Hamas.

The sewage spewing from Arab media daily urge violence in the name of Islam. Cartoons and music videos are used to brainwash children.

The goal, openly stated, is to enlist children in the "culture of martyrdom" - to die fighting and killing the enemies of Islam. Suicide bombers are glorified and promised everlasting paradise. Grade-school textbooks fill children with dreams of a glorious death.

What can we do about it? Maybe nothing - except be smart. We can start by dropping any pretense that we are not at war, or that Islamic terror will stop only if America and it's allies get out of Iraq. The problem preceded their invasion, and it will last well beyond the resolution. Whatever happens in Iraq, we should not fool ourselves about the nature of the enemy or its goals.

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