Monday, April 30, 2007

Speeding Ministers

Bheki Cele (that's him in the middle testing a new speed camera) was late for a meeting and so, accompanied by a motorcade with outriders and flashing blue lights, sped through the traffic at 160kph - that's only 40kph over the speed limit.

Now Bheki is an important man as he is a minister in the provincial cabinet of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa; and this was an important meeting as he had arranged it a few weeks prior. The other good citizens of KZN want to know if it is OK if they also speed if they are similarly late. The chief traffic officer has said that it is not.

This has all been published in the local newspapers. One of these newspapers has a recording of this high speed dash made by a good citizen using his cell phone. Now Mr Cele wants the name of the citizen, and intends using heavy handed legislation enacted by the 'apartheid' government to force the newspaper to reveal it's source, so that he can prosecute the honourable citizen for using his cell phone whilst driving.

This could only happen in a Third World country - yeah right!


Onyx Stone said...

I like it when politicians are brazen arseholes, rather than the sly deceitful arseholes we get in the "first world".

mawm said...

Thanks - that gave me a good laugh!

MK said...

That’s funny onyx.

Yeah one law for us and another for them pollies ey. On the plus side in the "first world", we can at least shame them into some sort of punishment.

Earlier in the year our state transport minister was caught for speeding through a bus lane. Never seen anyone gobble down humble pie like that before. Fat chance of that happening in SA.