Friday, March 09, 2007


While crime is reported to have decreased, South Africa is still facing the problem of child murders and rape.

Almost three children are raped every hour, while every day 86 women are raped.

Where are all the people in New Zealand who stood up against Apartheid in South Africa?

Now that the "better" New South Africa has arrived what has happen to their voices?

These poor children are being raped and murdered in their hundreds and not a peep from the anti -apartheid demonstraters.

John Minto, Helen Clark where are your protests?

Or is it OK if blacks perpetrate violence on each other?

Where is the post colonial paradise that you so vocally fought for?

As Ghana celebrates 50 years of freedom and declining standards of living, increased infant mortality and declining longevity; Zimbabwe starves and the rest of "liberated Africa" declines into a morass of corruption, thugocracy, murder and poverty.

South Africa , the richest of African countries, have a new wealthy class - the ANC top brass supported by the anti-apartheid supporters - who have increased their personal wealth beyond belief and all the while their rank and file supporters are worse off.



kg said...

The gutless, self-righteous bastards will never admit to the consequences of their actions, mawm.
In their world, consequences and personal responsibility are just too old-fashioned and patriarchal and white, after all...

Heine said...

Clark and co would hate to upset the leaders of South Africa nowadays, that would not be the socialist thing to do.

Worth writing to Clark and asking her though!

Onyx Stone said...

As a NZer who was out on the streets protesting against the rugby tour in the '80s I hear what you say.

As a western society we are too ready with self-loathing whenever whites are the villians, but we have no stomach left to confront the leadership of South Africa or Zimbabwe.

Shameful, really.