Sunday, February 18, 2007

Hydroptere - 47.2 knots !

Is it a plane? No it's a boat

The original idea of l’Hydroptère came into thought in 1975, but the dream started to come true in 1994.On 1st October, Alain Thébault and his crew make the prototype fly for the first time.From this milestone, passion and daring have always powered the project and made it possible for l’Hydroptère to be reliable and above all to be a real technological jewel.

Look at the reefed Mainsail and

staysail and still flying!!!!

“A body immersed wholly or partially in fluid (Liquid or gas) experiences an up thrust force (buoyant force) equal to the weight of the fluid displaced”. That force is called the Archimedes’ principle. Its direction is vertical and always directed to the top (since it is opposed to the weight), its intensity is equal to the weight of the ambient air moved by the object.

To get free from the Archimedes’ principle, it is a matter of lifting up the hulls of the boat thanks to a vertical pushing developed by some kind of sea wings, the foils. People have been dreaming for a while not of floating on but of flying over the water.

Fantastic video at

Hydro – from the greek; this prefix indicates a relation with the water or any other liquid.

Ptère - from the greek; “ something shaped like a wing”. This suffix designates the elements related to the wings.


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