Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Saga of Sandy Berger

What information exactly was in those documents that were destroyed by Berger?

Why is there not more pressure being placed on this former National Security Advisor to reveal what was behind his bizarre actions--and who might have told him to do it? and why?

How is it that Berger did not go to jail, when his offence was more than justification to throw the book at him?

Why is it that four years after the event we are now only finding out about his incredible duplicity and quite deliberate actions?

What information exactly was in those documents that were destroyed by Berger?

This story at bottom is about the security of our nation, about what was - or was not - done to protect us from the most shocking and deadly attack on American citizens by foreign agents in our nation's history. This story is critical not only to understanding our past but also to securing our future. It can help us understand what it is reasonable to expect can be done to keep us and our loved ones safe from harm. It is, in short, as important a story as there is.

It is a story the news media should be desperate to explore, not desperate to avoid. They should want to know the full story, no matter what the implications are for the legacy of a president much loved by an overwhelmingly liberal media or what the risks are for a former First Lady whose future is tied to her husband's past.

It is said that we may never know what national security documents or notes Berger destroyed. But Berger knows. And it is extremely likely that Clinton knows, since he has deliberately gone about covering for his thieving National Security Advisor.

Right up there with "I did not have sexual intercourse with that woman"!

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