Monday, January 15, 2007

The Media

Al-Jazeera journalist detained in Egypt

CAIRO, Egypt - Egyptian authorities on Saturday detained an Al-Jazeera journalist for fabricating scenes of torture staged inside mock Egyptian police stations, but the pan-Arab network said the footage was created with actors for a documentary film.

Producer Howaida Taha Matwali, an Egyptian, was banned earlier this past week from traveling to Qatar, the headquarters of the Al-Jazeera network, after airport police seized 50 videotapes she was carrying in her luggage, an Interior Ministry statement said.

Prosecutors ordered her detention Saturday for further questioning, a police official said.
The Interior Ministry viewed the tapes and said they showed "unedited scenes of fabricated torture incidents, and assaults by individuals wearing police uniforms on others playing roles of male and female suspects inside studios decorated to look like police stations."

The Al-Jazeera bureau chief in Egypt, Hussein Abdel-Ghani, said the footage was "reconstruction" which Matwali intended to use in a documentary film about torture in Egypt.
If you ever had doubts about the Media and truthfulness, this is right up there with the AP's man with the green helmet. Amazingly the 'bending' of the truth seems to come mainly from the left orientated MSM. However I do admire the way they are not going to let the truth get in the way of a good story

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