Friday, January 19, 2007

Abu Hamza has to pay back Legal Aid Costs

The preacher Abu Hamza is liable for more than £1m of legal aid for his defence at his trial on charges of inciting murder and race hate.

The judge said he accepted that Hamza, who is seeking to appeal against his conviction in the House of Lords, might not be able to pay, but said his judgment would allow the Legal Services Commission to seize his assets.

The judge said he was making an order for the recovery of the full costs of his defence because of the "inaccurate and false information" Hamza had provided the court about his financial interests. His defence solicitors are seeking to recover costs of up to £1,088,944.

The commission was investigating Hamza's finances following the order. These have centred on Hamza's property dealings including the purchase of a £220,000 house in Greenford, west London, while his wife and children lived on benefits in a £600,000 council house.

The radical Islamic preacher was jailed for seven years last February .

What about Ahmed Zhoui repaying his legal aid costs?

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MK said...

Would be good to see radicals like this fellow finally pay a price for their hatred.