Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The ANC's Hypocrisy

An article unashamedly copied from http://supernatural.blogs.com/weblog/2006/12/ronnie_kasrils_.html highlights the hypocrisy of the ANC Government of South Africa. Kasril's was a member of the ANC in exile campaining for isolation of the Apartheid Government and for equality and freedom of the peoples of South Africa. Now he is singing a different tune as the ANC strengthens it's ties with the polecats of the world such as Assad, Mugabe, Castro, Gadaffi and Aristide. The man is an idiot!

Ronnie Kasrils: SA Minister of Totalitarian Affairs
Hot on the heels of signing a
defence pact with one of Africa’s most repressive regimes (Zimbabawe), Minister Kasrils spent the last week breaking pita with the leadership of the Arab equivalent (Syria). The South African department of Intelligence states on its website that the purpose of the visit was ‘to hold discussions to strengthen relations between the two countries (South Africa and Syria)’.
The choice of Kasrils as the envoy for such a diplomatic mission is rather strange. Someone from the department of Foreign Affairs would surely have been a more appropriate choice. The Syrians however seem to have been ecstatic with the choice. For Ronnie received a red carpet roll out reserved only for tin pot dictators and leaders of terrorist gangs. He met the Syrian Interior Minister, Foreign Minister, deputy Foreign Minister, Minister of Expatriates (what ever that maybe) and Syria’s President Bashar Assad.
And the admiration seems to have been mutual. For Red Ronnie did not stop fawning over his Syrian hosts. After meeting Syria’s deputy foreign Minister, for example, Kasrils ‘expressed on our behalf his respect and appreciation of Syria's stances and important role for realizing stability and security in the region.’ I wonder if the poor people of Lebanon now on the brink of civil war (as a result of Syrian meddling) would see it quite the same way. Or the poor people of Iraq for that matter. The Syrian border is only the most popular entry point for foreign terrorist in Iraq.
Not only is the Syrian regime a threat to its neighbours, Iraq, Israel and Lebanon but it is also a menace to its own people. Although Syria has a constitution that in theory should protect the rights of its citizens, a state of emergency has been in place since the 1960’s effectively giving the government absolute authority. More than 4 decades of martial law has reduced Syria to one of the most unfree countries in the world. According to freedom house, an independent organisation that monitors freedom around the world, on a scale of 1-7 from free to unfree, Syria scores a whopping 7 (just like Zimbabwe). It has no free press, no real opposition parties and uncontested presidential elections. Moreover like most totalitarian regimes the Syrian government from time to time murders any potential political opponents. In fact 2 years ago 30 Kurds were murdered in cold blood by security forces for staging a protest against the government.
But not only does our good Minister respect and admire one of the world’s most totalitarian states, he actually believes that South Africa should emulate them. Kasrils told the Syrian press of his visit that
'We've dealt with bilateral relations between our two peoples and governments in addition to Syria's experience in the Security Council as a non-permanent member because South Africa will also occupy the same position next year…I have a lot to tell my president about Syria.’
If Red Ronnie has his way, South Africa’s U.N. Security Council seat will be used not to export the ideals of our democratic revolution but rather in the service of tyranny and terror.
What disgusts me most about Kasrils and his political road trip through the Syrian halls of power, is his blatant double standard. In classical Kasrilspeak, Ronnie called on the West to engage with Syria saying that
South Africa rejects every policy aimed to isolate states and peoples instead of getting them close by enhancing dialogue among them.’
This is the same Ronnie Kasrils who has been campaigning tirelessly to sever South African diplomatic ties with Israel and to impose anti-Apartheid type sanctions on the Jewish state.
Hypocrisy has become Minister Kasrils’ political trademark.


kg said...

Well, imagine that! Hypocrisy from a Marxist!
Whodathunk it....

MK said...

i recently saw a documentary about racism against white people in SA, it is well and truly alive there. the whites lose their jobs and are overlooked for new ones because of affirmative action. the minister responsible was quite adamant that that is the way it was and tough sh!t guys.

when i recently spent a few weeks there, i encountered white beggars on the streets, its quite appalling how this form of racism is sanctioned and the left, not surprisingly, is silent over it.

i was also saddened by the level of anti-western sentiment there. i fear things will only get worse in SA. hopefully i am wrong as the people are allowing these leaders into power there, perhaps they know better.