Thursday, November 09, 2006


Another historic rape trail ends with an acquittal. However what is most frightening about this is what might seem to some as the unseen hand of the Prime Minister Helen Clark behind them. Reported in todays Herald is a comment from high profile lawyer Gary Gotlieb.
Defence lawyer Gary Gotlieb claimed the Crown had prosecuted Mr Ogle only because the case was referred to the commission of inquiry into police conduct.
"And I have to say it again, the hairs stood up on the back of my neck from the Prime Minister referring it back to them. Hey, doesn't that make you feel uncomfortable? It certainly makes me feel uncomfortable."
Does the Prime Minister have a hidden agenda to reduce the power of men in this country? First she took on the male doctors at National Women's Hospital with some shonky statistics and help from Sylvia Cartwright and then she rid herself of Police Commissioner Doone. Now she seems to be after rank and file policemen who have had rape claims (that have already been investigated and thrown out) against them in the past.
The Prime Minister has also recently had allegations made about her sexuality and is rumored to be in a lesbian relationship, while there is strong suggestion that her husband is homosexual. She has also surrounded herself in the halls of power with a number of openly homosexual men and lesbian women. Does the Prime Minister of New Zealand have a hatred for men?


john said...

More on this shocking story here

kg said...

She hates white middle-class men, that's for sure. Which fits with her background and history.
What's the National Women's story? I must have been out of NZ at the time. Do you have any links? Thanks.

mawm said...

kg, when H was Minister of Health there was an investigation into the management of cancer of the cervix. Some rather dodgy statistics were dished up by one of Peter Davis friends on a historic practice for what was then a relatively misunderstood disease. This led to the usual National outcry and complaints from women's groups about the fact that women's health was controlled by men. National Women's has been in disarray since, although there as signs that things are improving since it moved into the new hospital, and we have been landed with the section 88 model of obstetric care which has led to midwives using outdated and incorrect practices, without peer review or audit. The women in New Zealand have been done a great disservice.

kg said...

aaaah..thanks for that mawm. Someone very close to me is an RN and she's incandescent with rage over the state of the health system. especially in midwifery.

mawm said...

if only you knew.... Your friend is soooo right.