Wednesday, November 29, 2006


The petulance of Trevor Mallard and Dick Hubbard reaches new heights. Mallard's sulking and not giving funding to Eden Park because it is not his choice of stadium and Hubbard because ARC have quite rightly told him to piss off.

For f#%&'s sake these guys are meant to be adults!

To get back to the funding; when the average Joe Soap wants to buy something or do alterations to his home, then he either checks that he has the money to do it or he goes and borrows it and makes sure that he can make the repayments. So why did the Bid Team not do just that? Why did they not check to see if they had the money first, or did why they not go too the government first to find out if they were going to be funded? Something here stinks! Did they get support from Mallard and Clark which has now been withdrawn?

NZRU, with backing by the government, put in the bid, now let them pay for it.

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kg said...

Yet another attempt to steamroller the peasants.
But this time, it went wrong. Serve the bastards right.