Friday, November 03, 2006

Waterfront Sports Stadium in Auckland

This is the act of a desperate government. It is the kind of thing that an African Dictator would do to divert the attention of a disaffected population. Viva Bob!

Rugby would be poorer without the landmark stadia such as Twickenham, Ellis Park, Murrayfield and Eden Park. Foreign tourists coming to the RWC in New Zealand want to see a match played at Eden Park, not a souless waterfront venue.

The difference in the costs of developing a new stadium or upgrading the old is so huge that nobody in their right mind would choose the new stadium. There is also the secondary consideration of wasting prime waterfront real estate for an inward-looking development when we have a wonderful opportunity to create an iconic world class venue for all the public to use.

It is time for us to say "NO! STOP WASTING OUR MONEY".

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