Saturday, November 04, 2006


The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) is reporting that there is the possibility of a Springbok Player's strike on the eve of their departure to Europe for thr Autumn Internationals against Ireland and England after the appointment of Zola Yeye as their manager.
It is well known that Jake White wanted former Springbok player Naas Botha as manager and has been very unhappy about the possibility that the political nominee Yeye would be appointed.

SA Rugby has denied that the Springbok team has declared a dispute on the possible appointment of Zola Yeye, the SABC Eastern Cape regional manager, as manager of the Springbok touring team to the UK and Ireland.Earlier, it was reported that the Springbok management; team and coach were unhappy about reports that Yeye was about to be appointed. Two other short-listed candidates, Songezo Nayo, the former SA Rugby CEO, and Liston Ntshongwana, a former Springbok, were not accepted by the board of SA Rugby.Basil Haddad, the acting CEO of SA Rugby, says although there have been rumours of a dispute, no such action has been taken by any party.Meanwhile, a possible strike is looming within the Springbok rugby camp as the team prepares for their end-of-the-year tour to Ireland and England. There is upheaval in the camp because of the imminent appointment of Yeye as the Boks manager. The players are apparently demanding that Nayo, be appointed, while the board of SA Rugby favours Yeye.

This does not auger well for their tour to Europe. The once mighty Springboks have been reduced to an unhappy rabble by their new politacl masters.

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