Friday, November 17, 2006


Ruth on "Relative Humility" has posted the following:-

I need a drink tonight to recover from some of the disgusting, women-hating posts I have read this week. All are from right-wingers.

This follows the replies from men who have objected to her blinkered approach to Domestic Violence. She can recognise a RWMale from their postings and they all hate women!!!!!

cf my post on Domestic Violence below.


Oswald Bastable said...

Can't say I've been a woman-hater.

Sanctimonius assholes- now that's another matter!

mawm said...

love women myself - but only the real thing!

kg said...

Ruth is a raving nutter, banned from several blogs, including mine. Arguing with her is like trying to talk sense to a retarded brick.
It's precisely because we like women that we won't fall for this domestic violence bullshit.