Monday, November 13, 2006


In todays Herald, ''two top health researchers have accused the Families Commission of "ideologically driven" bias in presenting domestic violence as a problem of men battering women." In it Professor Fergusson said: "It is my frank view the commission's stance on domestic violence is not being guided by a dispassionate and balanced consideration of the evidence."

Furthermore the Dunedin cohort study 'found that 37 per cent of women and 22 per cent of men who had partners by the age of 21 had perpetrated acts of violence against their partners ranging from "pushing, grabbing or shoving" (29 per cent of women, 21 per cent of men) up to "beating up" (1 per cent of both men and women).

And..."Only 6 per cent of men committed abuse when both partners agreed that the woman did not commit any abuse, but 18 per cent of women committed abuse where the man did not."

This just another example of state funded denigration of men. Our society is crying out for male role models, boys need fathers to guide them and teach them how to behave, but with all the negative press men get, it is no wonder that they have gradually been withdrawing from the family unit.

Anyone want to go fishing?


kg said...

Damn--I was going to post on this!

Stuffed if I;ll be wearing a white ribbon, anyway. The implication of that kind of moral blackmail is that violence is a male problem and those not wearing the ribbon therefore approve of it.
The can go get stuffed.

mawm said...

I deplore domestic violence, and any other violence against women and kids, however I will not subscribe to the goverment mantra that all men are bad.