Sunday, October 29, 2006

Upgrading My Boat

Just finished putting in a holding tank. Works a treat.

Now I am getting set up to put in an auto-helm. I bought a Raymarine ST4000+ at the Sailor's Corner sale and saved $300. This might be able to cope with the 'barn door' rudder and the weather helm at higher wind speeds that the H28 has. Just a couple of problems tho' -
- where does one put the fluxgate compass? They recommend it is sited near the roll and pitch centre in the aft half of the boat. My ballast is made of iron punchings so I have to have it raised and there is no suitable bulkhead in the aft half to attach it to. Does it have to be in mid line? Does it have to be orientated facing either for' or aft, or can it face the beam as long as it is vertical? - the instruction manual says that it can face in any direction not either direction.
- the rudder is raked forward and transom mounted. This creates a problem as to finding the centre of rotation and to measure the distance along the tiller to attach the helm.

I'm sure that I'll come up with a solution. It certainly keeps me out of trouble. I hope to have it completed soon so that I have a trouble free summer cruising.

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