Monday, October 23, 2006

Rainy day in Auckland

I have spent a few hours reading other people's Blogs - some good, some bad - and have decided to start my own. It has not taken me long to come up with a theme. This site will be for like-minded persons (of either sex) to comment on their lives, their politics and their interests.

This is not a sexist site, in fact I really do like women (more of that later). However it will not be a PC site and in fact I will actively discourage any persuit of PC ideas and labels.

I consider myself to be a very fortunate person as I live in a wonderful city, have a good job and am financially comfortable. I am happily married and have a wonderful daughter, and a dog that adores me.

However none of this came easily - "the man at the top of the mountain did not fall there". I have worked hard all my life, as has my wife and we are encouraging our daughter to develop a work ethic. I believe that successful people work hard to get there!

What are my interests?
  • My new-found passion is sailing. I have recently bought a small keel boat - a Herreschoff 28 - which is in reality a touch over 29ft long, Bermudan sloop built out of GRP. It can sleep 6, but would be a bit crowded. As I'm new to sailing it has been a very steep learning curve. I had hoped to share this passion with my family but have found out that my wife does not enjoy sailing. My daughter and I do some sailing together but she is of an age where friends and retail therapy are more inviting. I have a few mates that I sail with but their families keep them tied down as well. So I have taken to single-handing my boat. This has been a liberating experience.
  • Scuba diving. This has taken a back seat to sailing recently and I find that as I get older I seek out warmer, calmer waters to dive in. I have dived in many places around the world including the Red Sea, the Maldives and Fiji.
  • Gardening - not the drudge of mowing lawns and keeping it looking clean. I always want to redesign my garden and make it look better. I have recently put in a concrete outdoor eating area and pathway around the front of the garden (still under construction). It has been framed with old railway sleepers and filled with concrete coloured with an oxide pigment. The plantings are going to be all New Zealand natives.
  • I take an interest, but no part in politics. I was brought up in a country where discrimination was rife and have an abhorrence for such politics. I believe in personal freedom and believe that with such freedom comes responsibility. I believe in an equal opportunity for all and a wefare system that is there for those who fall. I am also for small government that is not ideologically driven, and low taxes.
  • I enjoy watching sport on TV - mainly cricket and rugby union.
  • The internet - forums, blogs, anywhere one can find out other peoples opinions about a myriad of topics.
  • Reading.

The rest of my time is spent at work.

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Steph said...

Hi dad.. its your loyal daughter here. I hate to tell you this but right now I think that my mother and I are the only ones who read your blog.. keep trying.. *HINT* Post the link to your blog in all those sailing forums u live in..** Oh and I do SO go sailing with u!! Oh and BTW (it means "by the way") you disabled comments in ur last post...
anyways... dont work too hard..
love from me