Thursday, October 26, 2006

Male Role Model

From Lindsay Mitchell

"This website is recommended by the Ministry of Social Development funded Family Violence Clearing House It is a site for pro-feminist men and features many articles such as "Degendering Daddy";

Ours is a society in which males are still encouraged to think less of females than they do themselves. From entertainment and ads to much relationship counseling and clothing fads, women are constantly paraded and parodied as sexy but shallow at best or outstanding but out-of-place at worst. Though it is not politically correct to claim one's allegiance to this attitude, the thinking yet prevails among males that females are not any more fit to lead men, families, institutions, and societies than an infant attempting to steer the Titanic.


“I am a woman. My screams are silent,” by some really creepy guy writing about how he has changed (it's so creepy I won't quote from it), or "Are men evil? Reflections on the tactics and motivation of men’s rights advocates" and "Starting your own group for men against sexism"."

Is this what our great leaders think of men or what they want men to become? Is this how they want the father in a family unit to be seen? No wonder there is a shortage of male role models in society.

Women need to be congratulated if they acheive, as one must do for men. However if they make choices that result in their being single parents on the DPB with a different father for each child, or with a down-and-out inadequate man as the only partner they can get, they must accept that they made the choices and must now live with the consquences of those choices. This is not a problem caused by men!

They need help now, just as they needed guidance from their parents,teachers or role models, but they do not need society making excuses for them and blaming men for their predicament.

This country offers everybody a chance to achieve, man or woman, boy or girl. The choice is theirs.

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